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Turning your idea into a mobile strategy

Most projects start with only a first idea. There is a business goal to be met and you think a mobile solution might help out. We help you to get from this idea phase to a concrete plan that aligns with your business goals.

The first step: business goals

First we need to make sure we understand your business really well. We want to get a clear picture of your organization, your goals and the projected target users. Sometimes one interview is already enough to collect this info.

Sketch, discuss, sketch

Once we have a fairly good picture of your initial idea we start sketching. We turn the information we gathered into a first rough concept of how we envision your app. This is the preparation for the brownpaper workshops that follow next.

Brownpaper sessions

During these workshops we put a big brown paper on the wall and go over the sketches together for 2-3 hours. There will be discussion and new insights, goals and requirements will be gathered. This in turn allows us to refine the concept for the next workshop.

The process is fast and effective because it’s a collaborative effort between your and our teams and we ensure both your business expertise and our user experience knowledge is adding value to the concept.

The result: High level concept

The end result of the workshops is a high level app concept that is supported by the whole team. The concept can be shared with stakeholders and users to be validated before the next phase - design - starts.

Best of all: It will hardly cost you time

Depending on the scope of the project we can create a high level concept in a morning or up to four workshops over the course of a few weeks. You are only needed during the two hours of the workshop so the strain on your calendar is limited. And our customers love these workshops so you’ll have fun too.

"Touchwonders supported us during the entire process from a first idea to an app. ‘Delightful’ is part of the Touchwonders vision and I experienced this throughout the entire project." EN Frederike von Morgen - Manager Operations HR Services Rabobank

Next up: User experience design

Once your high level app concept is clear the next stages are fairly typical stages of software development: designing your app, programming the app and deployment to end users. Throughout this process there is one central topic that we think is fundamental for any successful mobile solution: user experience design

Design: the key to great apps

You might think design is about creating the visuals. However for great mobile apps design is first and foremost about creating something that feels simple and natural to users. This requires focus on more than just the visuals. Design of the app structure, the information architecture, motion design and copy all come into play. At Touchwonders approximately half of the time we spend on any app, is dedicated to all these aspects of design. The goal is to design apps that are simple, smart and delightful to use.

Design fundamentals


For outstanding mobile apps it is essential to create synergy between design and development teams. Collaboration is key and designers should be involved to the very end of the project. EN

Focus on details

A great user experience is the result of tuning hundreds of little things. Users do not always notice the individual details but do notice an app that offers a truly smooth experience. See what we mean on our details page


A design is never perfect at the first try. New insights can lead to better design solutions. It’s important to facilitate iterations in the whole process of designing and developing an app.

Things to consider for your mobile project

  • What budget do I need?

    We often get this question and the unsatisfying answer is: it depends. The budget is determined by the exact specifications of your project. At Touchwonders we work hard to deliver high quality apps that offer a great user experience, don’t crash and are cleverly designed. Our projects typically start at around 40k euro.

  • How long does it take?

    We believe in starting small. To minimize risk and keep things under control the initial scope of an app should be limited. This naturally puts a limit on the development time of an app. Typically from initial idea to published app in the App Store takes at least 3-4 months.

  • What if my requirements change?

    Change is a given. As projects span several months it is almost inevitable that new requirements come up. Therefore you should plan for change. Our process (which in the world of software is called "Agile") is setup such that we can always incorporate new insights.

  • Can your app connect to our backend?

    Almost any app we create these days is connected to backend systems. We often work closely with your IT team or IT vendor. We also have our own specialists who can create web services that enable integration.

  • For a business app, design is not important?

    We beg to differ. Software should be a joy to use for both business users and consumers. In business a great user experience helps adoption and increases efficiency. Happy employees and customers are worth a lot.

  • How do we make our apps secure?

    Our apps can be secured with advanced security technologies that provide end-to-end control of your devices and data. If this is important for your project we plan a separate technical workshop to go over this with your team.

Looking for an agency?

We know it’s hard to choose an agency. Everybody promises the world but unfortunately the reality can be different. So let’s put it like this: if you care about creating a great user experience chances are that we are a great match for you. Other then that we prefer to let our work and our customers speak for us as that tells you more than any sales pitch can.

"Touchwonders really makes an effort to understand our business and therefore comes up with the best possible solution. They think along on a strategic level and deliver on promises." Jarco de Bruin - Commercial Director ING Commercial Finance

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