SALT Security Interview

by Toine Heuvelmans

January 5th, 2021

Security plays an important role in all our projects, from large to small. Secure handling of customer data and company data, but also working on and communicating about these projects in a secure manner. Which data do we store in the app and which in the back-end, is this in line with the GDPR? Which user can access which data, how do we determine who is who, and whether this is really the case? How do we deal with passwords and encryption? Security is a broad topic that is reflected in almost all aspects of a project.

In 2017, Touchwonders became part of the Xplore Group, a group of 40 tech companies in the Netherlands and Belgium with a strong focus on e-commerce. Thanks to the wide variety of expertise, we have an enormous amount of knowledge at our fingertips. In the field of cyber security, sister company SALT is the go-to expert.

Last month, SALT helped us further sharpen our understanding of cyber security. Through an extensive interview, an overview was formed on the approach and solutions that we use in the field of cyber security, as well as the solutions that we have built for this.

Based on this overview, SALT got to work and produced a report for Touchwonders in which various security aspects were discussed point by point. This report indicated which areas should receive priority in addressing improvements. Various references to safety standards, best practices and process improvements were included. All in all this report provides us with a solid basis for further development in the field of cyber security, both in technology and in the development process.

SALT introduce themselves:

“SALT Cyber ​​Security helps companies with the safety and security of web and mobile applications. SALT does this by using fast security scans to gain insight into how things are going. We then offer in-depth analyses and advice, and finally also hands-on skills and coaching to guide development teams in this.”

- Sergio Hellings