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Bouncing ball

Adding a fun touch to swiping through an app tour.


A pallet jack suited our wholesale customer a lot better than a shopping cart.

Can I get your attention?

A subtle animation reveals that there is new content.

A cross crossing over

This little menu icon naturally morphs into a close button

Please upgrade your browser if you want to see this animation.

A more graphic graph

Meaningful animations point the attention to key content.

Look at these looks

The title animations are slightly delayed to ask you for a bit more attention

Turn on the spotlight

This effect makes pressing the button hard to resist.

Taking a deep dive

The animations convey a notion of depth when the user browses deeper into the catalog.

Let it shine!

Snow falls in the direction the wind is blowing and when it is all sunny, the sun shines!

Oops, out of stock!

When stock runs out, the number does a little "no" shake.

Need a logo? Check.

Enter a company name and in the background we kindly ask Google to deliver its logo.

Mission accomplished

When a product is added to the cart, the cart button lets you know.

There when you need it

With this smart menu you never get lost. Don't remember where you are? Just pull it down.

Enjoy the view

When you add multiple winter wedges the ridge continues from one widget to another to create a natural view.

Showing its true colors

Instead of a color picker we just show each product in every color we've got.

Happy shopping

This cart animation makes you want to buy more just to see it smile.

Moving keyboard

Left handed? No problem, our keyboard is able to help you out!

Look into my eyes

This app features a personalised background that uses eye recognition to perfectly centre the avatar.

Come back soon

We are chasing details every day.