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Touchwonders is a leading mobile agency and provides strategic consulting, concept, design and development of native and web apps. User experience is central in our vision. With this we make the life of consumers, businesses and employees easier, more comfortable and more beautiful.

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Passion for making apps

Touchwonders was established a few days after the iPad was announced in the beginning of 2010. We were convinced that mobile devices and apps would change the digital landscape completely.

Apps represent a new generation of software where a more smart, more pleasant and more attractive user experience can be designed. At Touchwonders we go out of our way to develop apps that people find great to use. We create apps that make you smile.

Be relentless in chasing the details

We take details very seriously. Every pixel, every animation, every swipe is meticulously looked at in detail. Every day we focus on getting the details right. Because we believe that the details form the basis of a superb user experience.

In addition, we like to make things simple and elegant. Making things simple however, is not easy. "Why is this so?", "How can we do this even better?". We continue to try through trial and error, until we can eliminate all side issues and so we can focus on what is essential, useful and beautiful.

Why work at Touchwonders?

Do you think that you fit in with our way of working and our vision in making apps? Read on!

Help us create amazing apps

Modern tools

Each team member gets access to all the equipment to optimally fulfill his or her role. Whether you are a developer, designer or project manager, we all work with the latest Macs, iPhones and iPads. But also comfortable seating, tasty lunches and a well-stocked coffee and soda bar is included.

Inspiring work environment

​We recently moved to a beautiful new office in Creative Valley. A truly inspiring office space that stimulates creativity, social interaction and cooperation. Very centrally located and with a great atmosphere. Our office allows you to work together with the team, clients and other creative professionals in the building. Oh, and our lunch is freshly prepared every single (work)day of the week. How sweet is that?

Great clients

​We are very happy with and proud of our customers. Our apps not only help them to optimize their business, we deliver them tools that are delightful to use. We craft these delightful experiences for clients like Pon, Philips, Rabobank, ANWB, ING, Zoover, and more. You will work on a variety of innovative applications that will make their users smile.

Create the most beautiful apps together

Design is central to our business and at Touchwonders, everyone is a designer. Design, after all, is about how to make things work the best. Of course we have roles such as developers, project managers and UX designers, but anyone can think along with us. That is exactly where the strength of our team lies.

Sketching innovative concepts
Getting the UX just right
Working together on our accessibility labday
Escaping prison together
Fun & games
Finding out what's new at WWDC
Competing at the Singelloop for charity
Who was the fastest
Christmas party
In the office

Help us make amazing user experiences

Do you want to be part of the Touchwonders team? Then we would love to hear from you!

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