Mobile business dashboards

With our mobile solutions for business analytics and dashboards you always stay in touch with your business in a fast and easy way

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View your data within a glance

We believe focus should be on content, especially when we are designing business analytics and dashboard apps. We make sure your data stands out and you can notice important changes immediately.

In touch with your business, everywhere you go

Because we make content stand out and create navigation that everybody understands, you can browse information within seconds. You can do this everywhere you go, on your way to work or during an important client meeting. Checking your business analytics was never this easy!

Some of our business analytics projects:


Financial data at a glance

With the ING Creditwatch iPhone and Apple Watch app financial managers of ING clients can access their financial business data anytime and anywhere they want to.

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We keep your data safe

Hardware encryption of iPhones and iPads helps to keep your confidential data safe. The use of TouchID helps to ensure easy user access while still protecting the data with advanced passwords.

Get notified

With a business analytics app you can get alerted when certain thresholds are met. Simply tap the data you find important to get notified about and you will receive a notification on your device.

Do you want a business analytics solution?

Looking for smart ways to track the data of your company? Let’s meet and exchange ideas!

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About Touchwonders

We are a small team of highly skilled specialists with a passion for outstanding mobile solutions.

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