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Improve your mobile conversion

Tablets and mobile phones are quickly becoming the most important devices your customers use to shop. And there is no sign of the growth slowing anytime soon. These customers are accustomed to rich, fast app experiences. Responsive mobile sites can’t offer this. This is why mobile conversions are so much lower. Our shopping apps offer your customers a great shopping experience for the device they use. This results in much higher conversion rates that even beat desktop.

We offer a tailored e-commerce solution

Before we start we take a really close look at your brand. In this way we can create an experience that fits exactly with your brand identity. We keep this in mind throughout the whole process. On the technical side of things a thorough technical analysis of your ecommerce platform is equally important. As part of the Xplore Group we have experience with ecommerce platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Hybris, Intershop and Magento. The result will be a completely tailored e-commerce solution that will make your customers smile.

Take a look at our retail projects:


True leanback e-commerce

Highstreet is a whitelabel shopping app platform that turns existing webshops into premium branded apps optimized for iPhone, iPad and Android. A shopping experience that makes your customers smile.

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Innovative shopping center experience

A delightful user experience that makes browsing the shopping promotions fun and engaging.

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About Touchwonders

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