ING Creditwatch: Keep in touch with the pulse of your business

Smarter business overview

With the ING Creditwatch iPhone and Apple Watch app financial managers of ING clients can access their financial business data anytime and anywhere. The app has been designed to make it easy for managers to view the most important information at a glance.

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Simple navigation. Clearly structured.

The Creditwatch app offers a simple navigation model. Information is designed with a clear hierarchy and attention to detail. This makes the app effortless to use.

Delightful animations

Throughout the whole app we added small delightful animations. This makes the information more meaningful and helps the user understand what's happening on the screen.

Digital, but personal

Apple Watch allows us to create a more personal digital experience. This is exactly what we did with Creditwatch. Timely and personalized alerts keep a CFO informed at all times. Right on his Apple Watch.

Touchwonders & ING

ING and Touchwonders have been working together since 2010. There is a great match between ING’s drive to deliver great customer experiences for business owners and Touchwonders drive to deliver innovative mobile experiences. The Creditwatch app is our first app for Apple Watch and a great example of how Watch apps can offer better accessibility to personal information on the go.

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