Highstreet: A simple way to launch amazing shopping apps

The future of mobile shopping

Highstreet is a shopping app platform that makes it easy to turn your webshop into an outstanding mobile app. It’s a joy to use, very fast and perfectly suited to how your customers are using their tablets and smartphones to shop online.

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Effortless, inspirational, personal

With the Highstreet app users shop effortless, the seamless user experience causes no distractions for the user to reach his goals. Our app's user interface innovations also stimulate discovery and make shopping inspirational and personal. This is exactly what you expect from your favorite brand.

Magazine like shopping experience

One of the many powerful features of Highstreet is the lookbook. The fully customizable and magazine-like promotions create a fun and truly inspirational experience for your users.

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Highstreet increases mobile business

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The Highstreet site offers everything there is to know about this shopping app platform.

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