Pon Luxury Cars: Improved efficiency by digitizing vehicle documentation

More than mobility

Bentley, Bugatti & Lamborghini are luxury brands that fulfill more than just a rational need for mobility. Here we are talking about emotional needs like pride, speed and exclusivity. Pon Luxury Cars does not only distinguish itself through strong brands but also through excellent service and a truly positive customer experience.

Digital transformation of car dealerships

The digital transformation of (luxury) car dealerships brings many challenges due to all the systems required during maintenance on cars. Varying from Dealer Management Systems to model specific warranty documentation from the factory, there is a lot of administrative pressure on the workforce at car dealerships. New tooling is therefore only accepted if it offers value or makes it easier to get the job done.

Optimizing workflow and vehicle documentation

Pon Luxury Cars approached us with the wish to improve the vehicle documentation when drivers are picking up and bringing back cars to customers. Not every driver took the same photos, not all customers signed for the work and file naming was inconsistent. The goal was unifying the way vehicles are documented by drivers, have customers digitally sign and let service advisors know when a car is on its way to the dealership. This allows service advisors to analyze the incoming vehicle before it reaches the dealership. During prototyping we learned that this structure also helped service advisors take cars in for maintenance at the dealership, and helped mechanics taking photos of damages and repairs.

Structure & speed

By making sure every role takes the same photos, vehicle documentation quality increases dramatically. Because of the speed with which photos can be taken, the automated file naming process and the fact that all files are instantly available on a shared server, makes the documenting process more complete but also faster. The clear naming structure now makes searching for recent or historic photos and files possible too, something that was not possible before.

The mobile apps

We delivered a mobile application for both iOS and Android, built in Flutter connecting with GSuite from Google. Secure access is guaranteed by connecting to Okta, which users of the application were already using for authenticating with other tools within the organization. This increases security, maintainability and avoids introducing new login credentials for the newly launched applications so users can get started easily. In our latest update of the application we made photos even faster and added the option to digitize paper documents. The result is a standardized, faster way of working for drivers, service advisors and mechanics saving precious time, with a new tool that connects to an existing infrastructure.

Methods used

  • Concept
  • UX Design
  • Development
  • Optimization


  • Flutter
  • Firebase Firestore
  • Firebase Cloud Functions
  • Integration with Okta

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