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Rabobank - Consultants of the future

More than 600 Rabobank consultants use Touchwonders apps during advice conversations with customers. Financial consultants of local Rabobank branches have conversations with business customers about several complex subjects such as credit funds, working capital financing and European payment traffic through SEPA. These conversations are facilitated by the business apps developed by Touchwonders.

Custom made client conversation guidance
Information library
Customer file management
Automatically generated advice reports

Apps where everything is taken care of


With a smart library the iPad apps give direct access to all the relevant information and files. Due to this the consultants are able to inform the clients and prospects even better about the products and services of the Rabobank. Even when the iPad app has no internet connection.


We create our apps with a lot of attention to detail, always with the user experience as the most important goal. The Rabobank iPad apps are developed in a way that they support the conversation, without taking over. The consultant should be able to use the apps without thinking, so that he can focus on the costumer. A manual isn't necessary.

Secure content

The data used in the apps is completely secured. This is done with the hardware encryption possibilities of the iPad. The app is also secured with a personal pincode.

An app for each specialization


An advice tool to guide companies with storing their working capital at the Rabobank. During a client conversation the app helps the Rabobank consultant to compare products and the app gives a tailored advice.


The SEPA app helps consultants through the process of preparing companies for the new international SEPA payments. By going through the questions and showing presentations, a detailed and personal advice report is generated.


How much working capital is available at your company and what can be saved with better working capital management? In a clear overview the debtors and creditors of the business are shown. Together with the Rabobank consultant a prognosis of the potential savings is created.

Touchwonders & Business Intelligence Apps

The past few years, Touchwonders has realized an extensive portfolio of business apps for various clients. From Rabobank and ING to Philips and innovative startups such as IMBU. From apps that enhance sales teams to apps that optimize internal processes or provide (financial) insight in the business.

We create apps to make lives easier and more enjoyable. Good apps are easy to use and work quickly and intuitively. At Touchwonders we go to great lengths to achieve that. We focus on every detail and strive for the highest quality. That's how we create apps people enjoy using.

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