Service Monitor: Monitoring your IT infrastructure from your mobile device

System status data in your pocket

It can be hard to keep an overview of your IT environment. The health and status of some IT systems is more critical to your business than others and specific systems are often important to specific roles within your organisation. To keep an overview of the systems most important to you we have built a mobile application that notifies you about status changes. So you will be notified when a system goes down and when it goes back online. This will keep users informed 24/7 from anywhere allowing them to react instantly and more effectively.

Simple design

A simple interface allows users to quickly understand the current status of the servers, services and/or systems important to them, both on production and UAT. A change in the monitored systems will trigger a notification informing all those that have the application installed. The Service Monitor also comes with a widget showing you the status of each monitored system individually without having to open the app. For systems that are down also the moment of downage is shown. Making it easier to identify issues that need solving. By keeping it simple, you will never miss what’s important again.

Real-time data, anywhere

With the Service Monitor you have real-time system data available always, in a simple yet effective overview. Currently running on iPhone & iPad.

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