Weeronline for iPhone: Fun and simple weather for everyone

The weather is getting better

The main goal of Weeronline for iPhone is creating a smile on your face, even when it rains the whole day. That is why we wanted to create a simple and delightful weather experience that fits everyone.

The information you need. At a glance.

Everyone has different wishes and needs when it comes to weather information. In Weeronline for iPhone, the most important information is shown at a glance. Do you need detailed information? Just tap on one of the widgets.

Weather messages that make you smile

Good morning! The app greets you when you open it. The special backgrounds and welcome messages give you an immediate feel of the weather expectations:

Next level user experience with 3D Touch

With the new iPhone 6s series Apple introduced a new feature: 3D Touch. In Weeronline we use this to make the app even easier to use. With a light press on a widget the user is able to peek into the detailed information. Press a bit harder and the widget is opened.

More about 3D Touch

Weeronline & Touchwonders

A couple of years ago we developed Weeronline HD for iPad. The app was a big hit among the iPad users and is still used daily by many people. This year Weeronline approached us again to rebuild their iPhone app from scratch. The main focus was to create an outstanding and simple user experience that anyone can understand. Together with Weeronline and based on user research we developed the concept. In a series of sketching workshops, we translated the ideas into a high level concept. During the whole process, from concept to development, we referred back to user research: the app should be simple, personal and at a glance. The result is a weather app experience that embraces the wishes and needs from many people and hopefully puts a smile on their face.

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