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It all starts with an idea

Most projects start with a first idea. There is a business goal to be met and you think a mobile solution might help out. We help you to get from this idea phase to a concrete plan that aligns with your business goals.

Step 1

Business goals

First we need to make sure we understand your business really well. We want to get a clear picture of your organization, your goals and the projected target users. Sometimes one interview is already enough to collect this info.

Step 2

Workshop preparations

Once we have a fairly good picture of your initial idea we start with the preparation of the first workshop. We define the goal of the project and start sketching. We turn the information we gathered into a first rough, sketched, concept of how we envision your mobile solution. During the workshops this helps everybody involved to get on the same level of understanding about what solutions we envision for meeting the business goals.

Step 3

The High Level Concept workshops

During the workshops we put a big brown paper on the wall and go over our ideas and sketches together. First we discuss the project goal. This goal is important because all new ideas generated during the workshops need to support the project goal. Otherwise we leave them out of scope. In this way we make sure the concept is tangible and evenly important; also has a clear focus.

Step 3a

Concept sketches

Then it is time to go over the concept sketches together. Usually during the first workshop we will present a couple of different concept directions. This makes sure we discover a lot of different possibilities and your team members start thinking ‘out of the box’. There will be discussion and new insights, goals and requirements will be gathered. This allows us to refine the concept for the next workshop. The process is fast and effective because it’s a collaborative effort and we ensure both your business expertise and our user experience knowledge is adding value to the concept.

Step 3b

Minimal Viable Product

During the workshops the concept gets shape and grows as more ideas are added. This helps to get the broad overview needed to pick the essentials for the Minimal Viable Product (MVP). During the final workshop we present the MVP. This is a stripped down version of the concept with the minimum needed amount of features. Only the essential parts necessary to fulfill the project goal, remain. It is important to start with a small concept because it easy to adjust direction if necessary, manage the budget and finish it quickly so the pilot can start.

Step 4

The High Level Concept

The end result of the workshops is a High Level Concept that is supported by the whole team. The High Level Concept is delivered in a document with all the goals, fundamentals and sketches from the workshops. The document can be shared with stakeholders and users to be validated before the design and development starts.

The benefits of our workshop

  • Get everybody on the same page

    After multiple internal meetings with your teammates ideas are shared and become concrete in your mind. However, when talking more and more about your ‘shared’ idea it seems that everybody has his own version of the idea. That’s why we use sketches during our workshops. It visualizes the idea so that everybody knows exactly what we are talking about.

  • Involve all relevant parties

    Because we visualize the idea, all stakeholders start thinking about the impact is has on their line of work. That’s why this is a great opportunity to involve all relevant parties, like clients, the IT department and the managers. For example; The developers can point out that specific parts on the sketches require new API’s or changes in the backend. This is valuable information for the concept, budget and planning and can even change the direction of the concept.

  • It will hardly cost you time

    Depending on the scope of the project we can create a high level concept in a morning or up to four workshops over the course of a few weeks. You are only needed during the two hours of the workshop so the strain on your calendar is limited.

"Touchwonders really makes an effort to understand our business and therefore comes up with the best possible solution. They think along on a strategic level and deliver on promises." Jarco de Bruin - Commercial Director ING Commercial Finance

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