Connect the physical world with the digital using iBeacons

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A world of possibilities

How iBeacons can create innovative experiences

iBeacons by itself are very simple things. They just send a signal to smartphones nearby. This signal however, can trigger content and interaction through an app running on the phone. In other words: the real world talks to the digital world. And the digital world responds. This opens up new ways to enhance location based, mobile user experiences.

The iBeacon...

iBeacons are small and you can place them anywhere. They are relatively cheap and do not hold much technology. Contrary to what people think beacons do not track you. They just beam a signal into the world saying "I am here" and your device only responds if you have an app that works with the beacon.

...and the app

An iBeacon experience is defined by the app that was developed for it. Apps can be programmed to respond to specific beacons. This even works when the app is not running. The beacon provides the app with the location information so the app can offer content or functionality. Let your imagination run wild.

A great iBeacon experience and a great app experience go hand in hand

No iBeacon goes without an app. At Touchwonders we are app designers. We believe that apps should be simple, smart and delightful. We design and develop apps with a strong focus on these principles. This is especially true for iBeacon app experiences. There are a lot of technological details important for iBeacon experiences to work well. We know all about the details but strongly believe they should be invisible to the users of the app.

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A new way to keep office workers in shape

Everybody knows the dilemma in big office buildings. Will you take the elevator or the stairs? The stairs are healthy but often you don’t feel like it. Thats why we developed an app which uses iBeacons. Elevate provides that extra push that people sometimes need by turning taking the stairs into a game.

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How do iBeacons work?

iBeacons are tiny devices that send out signals with Bluetooth. You can place them anywhere you want to. When someone with a smart device is nearby the iBeacon, the signal of the iBeacon is spotted by the device. The apps on the device identify the iBeacon and can read the information it broadcasts. This doesn't mean that every time the user walks by an iBeacon his smart device responds to it. When users choose to install the app of the iBeacon location the smart device will only listen to that specific iBeacon. Once the user moves away from the iBeacon the signal is lost and the app knows it is out of range.

Location aware apps

Since iOS 8 it is easier to discover locations that have location aware apps. In iOS 8, on the iPhone's lock screen a small app icon will be shown of the app that is popular at the current location.

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