Rabobank CAO Portaal: Information made simple and accessible in an app

HRM in your pocket

When the Rabobank asked us to create an app for their collective labour agreement (CAO) the first thing we did was to look how we could create an experience that adds value to the existing PDF. We found this by making navigating the app extremely fast and simple. We added helpdesk interactivity and a strong search function. Now all 40.000 Rabobank employees have easy access to their working conditions, at any time.

Smart searching

Searching for working conditions related information has never been easier. Whether you are looking for information about your pension plan, overtime or holidays, it is all there. And searching for it is faster and more simple than ever. Smart sorting of results and popular search terms help you find what you need in record time.

Clarity and focus on content

A collective labour agreement contains a lot of information. Our design goal was to make this as accessible and easy to read as possible. By focussing more on content and less on the interface we created a very clear presentation. Subtle usage of color mark the chapters and paragraphs. The result is an agreement that is a joy to read.

Quick index

A legal document like a collective labour agreement (CAO) is well structured. Therefore, besides searching what you are looking for, we made navigating the index just as easy.

The 172 page document is divided into five sections. Each section has its chapters and paragraphs. This way you can dive into the information or get an overview.

Helpful Helpdesk

We tried to make finding the relevant information as easy as possible. But for when you have some trouble finding what you need, we created the helpdesk function.

From the home view and from each paragraph you can reach the Rabobank helpdesk. Filling in the form is done like 1-2-3. And when you ask a question from a paragraph, we automatically fill in the subject. This helps the helpdesk bring down response times. And to avoid not getting through, we only made the call button available during office hours.

"Touchwonders supported us during the entire process from a first idea to an app. The approach included concept workshops which were inspiring and resulted in a great app. "Delightful" is part of the Touchwonders vision and I experienced this throughout the entire project. They really thought about the details, creating an app that exceeds expectations." Frederike von Morgen - Manager Operations HR Services Rabobank

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