Dealer Info Management System: Enriching existing data infrastructures

Constantly changing user locations

In our Mobile Service Assistant (MSA) app, location information about dealerships is required for communication to customers. As employees can work in different locations, this information must be able to change as soon as a user indicates in the app that they are at another location.

Improving inefficient data availability

Location information is spread over three existing systems that are not easily altered. Extra complexity comes from a constantly changing dealer landscape with acquisitions, new dealer locations and existing dealer locations moving to use our MSA solution. It is therefore important that our solution remains up-to-date with the continuously changing dealership landscape.

Enriching an existing infrastructure

We have designed the Dealer Information Management System (DIBS), that can link with three different source systems. DIBS is able to provide the correct dealer contact details to the MSA application for every dealer location and every workplace within it. DIBS is a new backend system that consults the three external systems at different intervals and updates the DIBS database with them. The system is consulted at every user login to the MSA application assuring up-to-date location information. DIBS provides the dealer contact details for the location and department where the user is located that day.

Methods used for this project:

Technical workshops


PostgreSQL, Ruby, Docker

Improving the user experience

DIBS allows existing backend systems to remain unchanged while mobile application users now always have up-to-date location data at their fingertips, also when switching between dealerships. Relevant updates in existing systems are automatically synchronized to DIBS ensuring the latest changes are always available to users. We ensured scalability of the solution by allowing mutations and further data enrichment to be easily implemented. DIBS also exposes data to external systems which want to take advantage of this new rich data source.

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