Elevate: Get in shape by taking the stairs at business centre Hooghiemstra

Getting fit in a simple and fun way

A lot of people work in an office on the top floor and take the elevator every single day. Most of them are not motivated enough to take the stairs. With Elevate taking the stairs becomes fun: colleagues battle against each other for points. Users get one point for taking the stairs, but also a penalty for taking the elevator. The number one stair master will rule the office!

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Take the stairs and earn points, it is that simple

iBeacons are placed on the ground floor and on each office floor. The only thing the user has to do is run the stairs. No need to take the phone out of the pocket. When the user is spotted at the first iBeacon and two minutes after at the second iBeacon, the user will earn one point. Super humans that take the stairs within 30 seconds get two points at once.

"At Touchwonders we love innovative digital experiences. With Elevate we found a great way to get hands-on in-depth experience with iBeacon technology and get a fun and healthy office game going at the same time." Thijs van Schadewijk - Founder Touchwonders

Spotted in the elevator? Oops. You get a penalty!

When a colleague is spotted by the iBeacon in the elevator, they will get one penalty. Penalties freeze the score until the stairs are taken again.

Don't be the lazy colleague

Co-workers can compete in Elevate by using their Game Center account. Points are gathered on a daily and weekly basis. Get your body movin’ and get to the top of the list!

Want your employees to get fit? Of course you do.

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