Up Alexandrium: An innovative shopping centre experience

A playful way to create customer loyalty

Corio, the mother company behind shopping centre Alexandrium, commissioned Touchwonders because they wanted a thorough rethink of the user experience of their existing customer loyalty iPhone app. The goal was to create a delightful user experience that makes browsing the shopping promotions fun and engaging.

The customer loyalty program

The Alexandrium Shopping mall values its customers and wants to reward them for each visit and purchase. For this Alexandrium created a loyalty program, called Up. The more Ups you collect, the more service and rewards you get. Gathering Ups for free goodies, great discounts, tickets to theme parks is made fun and easy with the mobile app for iPhone.

A warm welcome

One of our company goals is to create simple apps that do not require instruction. In this case we still need a tutorial to explain how the loyalty system of Alexandrium works. We wanted to avoid a tutorial that is isolated from the rest of the app. Instead we use actual content and display the tutorial in the same environment where customers will be using the app later.

Your rewards, events and news all in one place

The Up program revolves around the rewards customers can collect. Thats why we designed the app around this. On the main screen - which we call the wall - you can share your experiences, check-in to stores and redeem your rewards. The wall features rewards, events and news about the mall and is dynamically updated. So each time a user opens the app there is something new to look forward to.

Your favorites

See anything you like? Quickly save the reward from wherever you are. This way, when you are in the mall you will always have your favorites with you.

Explore the mall

The fully interactive floor plan contains all the information you need about Alexandrium and their shops - business hours, contact details and social media messages are just a tap away. Explore the multistory map to discover all shops and their Up offers. But also check-in for extra Ups or get to the nearest info desk, elevator or ATM all from the map.

Motivational messages

We wanted to engage users to use the app. Whether at home on their couch, but also when visiting the mall. That’s why we created a smart motivational message system. For instance when users visit the mall, they get a message that they can use the mall Wi-Fi. Or when they nearly achieved the gold status they are told what to do to really get to the next level. This way the engagement of the app is boosted in a fun and useful way.

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