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Accessibility (part 1)

by Nadine Popping

September 24th, 2019

Is your app / website usable by everyone?At Touchwonders, the apps that we create are never “finished” — we constantly strive to improve them. For one of our latest apps, Elevate, we were wondering if it was accessible for everyone. We tested it with the focus on 7 disabilities: Blindness, Dyslexia, Autism spectrum disorder, Physical or motor disability, Deaf or hard of hearing, Low vision and ...

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UX design internship at Touchwonders

by Sefania Sontoidjojo

September 6th, 2019

First meetingI applied for a position as a UX intern at Touchwonders, even though they didn’t have any vacancies open. The Dutch have a saying “Nee heb je, Ja kun je krijgen”, so I took a chance and went for it. Thankfully Touchwonders were also interested in me, so they invited me for a first meeting. One of the reasons I decided to choose for Touchwonders, is that they gave me the impression ...

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A first look into SwiftUI

July 24th, 2019

Here at Touchwonders one of our credos is “Be creative and try new things”, which is why we constantly look into new and emerging technologies. At the WWDC19 SwiftUI was introduced which has a lot of potential for mobile application development. In this post I would like to focus on how I used a tiny subset of SwiftUI in one of our production apps to set up a programmatically constructed view w...

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Touchwonders listed in Emerce100

Back in the list of best Mobile Agencies!

May 29th, 2019

We are stoked to be listed amongst the best Mobile Agencies of 2019 again. Emerce researches the ‘image’ of the online industry annually by asking deciders in the industry to review their service providers. We were listed as the top Mobile Agency back in 2017, and it feels great to be back after a year of absence. Thank you to all our clients and the fantastic people at Touchwonders that made i...

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A Closer Look at Xcode Themes

January 16th, 2019

As native iOS app developers, Xcode is our IDE of choice. Most of us use Xcode for the larger part of the day. Therefore it is important that Xcode is something we can look at for prolonged time; its appearance should not fatigue, disgust or distract us, and it should support us in our work where possible. The “Theme” that you can configure in Xcode’s “Fonts & Colors” settings, is the prima...

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Open-sourcing Transition - a lesson learned

February 8th, 2018

2018, a new year that brings many new opportunities for us to create apps that make you smile ;) At the beginning of 2017 we looked at what we could do to expand our horizons, try new things and at the same time improve the brand awareness of Touchwonders. This blogpost is about one of the ideas we put into practice; contributing to the open-source community.The planAt the time, “going open-sou...

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Touchwonders achieves highest score in Emerce 100

Leading the mobile agency category in The Netherlands

April 7th, 2017

At Touchwonders we want to enrich peoples lives with delightful mobile experiences. While doing so we were awarded the highest score in the mobile agency category in the yearly Emerce 100. We are very proud and happy with this achievement. Especially because the score was awarded by our clients and potential future clients.The award motivates us and shows that our clients value our approach and...

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Different Magazine concept approaches

April 19th, 2010

In the past we weeks we did a lot of research for our Magazine proof of concept. Part of that research was studying what was out there already: video concepts, blogposts, visions and what have you. Many people are working on a concept for iPad it seems and there are different ideas about how one should present a magazine on a multitouch tablet device like iPad. For our study we have evaluated t...

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